How Many of These 100 Must-Eat American Foods Have You Tried?

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Have you tried shrimp and grits? How about a carnitas burrito? Check out all 100 must-eat American foods. 

America is a foodie paradise. The sheer size and diversity of the United States has given rise to more than a few regional delicacies. Gumbo from New Orleans. Geoducks from the Pacific Northwest. Smithfield hams from Virginia. And then there are the native ingredients--turkey and elk, pumpkin and maple syrup.

overhead view of a creamy new england clam chowder in a blue bowl with crostini
New England clam chowder

An old article by writer Emily Matcharin which she listed 100 American foods that you must try, has been adapted as a list challenge (check your scores against other foodies). Matchar has written about food and culture for Gourmet, The Atlantic and The Washington Post among many other publications, so when she says you must try cioppino, she's got a pretty good idea what she's talking about.

Chili dog
Chili dog

Matchar was inspired by Serious Eats' "The Omnivore's 100" list--or the 100 foods every person should try in their lifetime. Matchar's list focuses on foods and dishes from the United States, be they MoonPies, Frito pies or peach pie a la mode. The most popular items on her list are Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, pancakes with maple syrup and New York-style pizza.

See the full list of 100 must-eat American foods here


Root beer float with vanilla ice cream

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How Many of These 100 Must-Eat American Foods Have You Tried?