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Man’s Whataburger Tattoo Earns Him Free Food for 10 Years


Most Texans take great pride in Whataburger, but Brandon Miller has achieved super fan status.

The Aransas Pass native recently got a Whataburger tattoo while visiting San Antonio. He chose an order tent with the number 361, the area of code of Corpus Christi, the location of the original Whataburger restaurant.

According to KRISTV, Miller got the ink to show his pride for both Corpus Christi and his favorite burger joint. His tattoo artist joked that he should get free Whataburger for life for getting the tattoo, and if he did, he’d have to share with the tattoo shop.

As luck would have it, Whataburger announced their Whataburger Stories Snapchat campaign the following morning, seeking stories from Whataburger fans. So Miller submitted a photo of his fresh ink. The company was so impressed with his Whataburger tattoo that they gave Miller $3,000 in gift cards so he can buy Whataburger every week for a decade.

I’m sure he’s tickled pink.

As for the tattoo parlor, Miller said he’d make good on their request.

“I’m going to take a trip to San Antonio, and I’m taking his whole tattoo shop to Whataburger,” Miller said.

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Man’s Whataburger Tattoo Earns Him Free Food for 10 Years