Man Who Walks 16 Miles to 2 Jobs Gets Life-Changing Surprise


A New Hampshire man got the surprise of his life after a woman was blown away by his incredible determination and work ethic.

For the past year, 25-year-old Kyle Bigler has walked 16 miles a day to two minimum-wage jobs. Today reports that Bigler has a learning disability and a severe speech impediment. These issues have made it difficult for him to find jobs close to his home. When he was hired at a Dunkin' Donuts in a nearby town, he simply made it work.

His incredible efforts seemed to go completely unnoticed, until customer Joanna Griffiths saw Bigler three different times around town. In the morning, he served her coffee. A few hours later, she noticed him walking down the street, but was in a rush and couldn't stop to give him a ride. On her way home, Griffiths stopped at a local gas station, and saw Bigler working once again.

Griffiths offered to give Bigler a ride home, but he declined. He still had many more hours of his graveyard shift to go. It was an encounter that made a big impact, and one that Griffiths knew she couldn't keep to herself.

"I've never seen someone with such a strong work ethic," Griffiths told Today. "He walks with holes in his shoes and says he sometimes doesn't have enough money to eat."

The next morning, Griffiths returned to the Dunkin' Donuts and snapped a picture of Bigler. She posted it, along with Bigler's story, on her Facebook page. Griffiths was instantly inundated with requests to donate money and job offers for Bigler.

Autoserv Tilton, a local car dealership, stepped up and donated a 2005 Honda Accord to Bigler.

"I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my time now that I won't be walking to work!" Bigler exclaimed.

Sarah Daigle/Today
Sarah Daigle/Today

Griffiths is just happy to be able to help make another person's life a little easier.

"I sometimes get overwhelmed with 10 kids, but I have a home and a car and am able to put food on the table," she explained. "Meeting Kyle has humbled me and made me more grateful for what I have."

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Man Who Walks 16 Miles to 2 Jobs Gets Life-Changing Surprise