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Man Uses KFC Bucket as a Soda Cup and the Internet Approves

Not all heroes wear capes and this unidentified man refilling his KFC chicken bucket with soda proves it. We have to thank him-for not only teaching us the value of the dollar, but for showing us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The picture first popped up on Reddit back in April of 2017, however a simple tweet by Twitter user Andy Cole a few days ago resurfaced the photo on twitter, making it go viral overnight.

Some people had questions,

while others praised his genius hack.

However it isn't the first time KFC offered outrageous sized drinks. Back in 2011 KFC offered half-gallon sodas (which contained over 56 teaspoons of sugar) for only $2.99. And get this-a dollar of the proceeds went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It's irony at it's finest.

This refillable cup hack begs to ask the question: where else can this bucket hack done?

According to twitter user @Tikibirb, you can also use the bucket hack to refill your popcorn bucket with soft drinks.

And let's not forget 7/11's annual Bring Your Own Cup Day. Each year on August 18 and 19, 7/11 stores offer customers a chance to bring in their own cups to fill with delicious and frosty Slurpees for $1.50. The cups must be able to fit upright under the 10" hole, must be food-safe, clean, and must be watertight.

Take a look at some of our favorites:

This guy decided to bring in what looks like a large black bucket to fill.

This guy decided to bring in what looks like a large black bucket to fill.

In a New Hampshire store, a man decided to fill up using a bundt pan.

Let's hope this guy washed his container throughly before filling it with a Slurpee.

But the winner has to be this Chicken Run VHS Tape. We have more questions than answers.

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