Man Stumbles Upon 100,000 Sealed Vinyl Records in Texas Basement

Talk about a gold mine.

A Minnesota man found the record store haul of his dreams when he came across 100,000 mint-condition, original pressing sealed vinyl records in West Texas.

Rob Sheeley excitedly told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of the rare find in Big Spring, Texas (just a Texas stone’s throw from Lubbock, which means it’s an hour and a half away). “It took everything I had to keep it together,” Sheeley said. “I dream about this stuff.”

Sheeley was tipped off about the collection in Big Spring and traveled down from Hopkins, Minnesota in hopes of buying the records to sell at his store, Mill City Sound. When he saw what he was getting, he immediately bought the entire collection of records for $100,000.

The records belonged to an old Big Spring store called the Record Shop, which went out of business in 1984 when the record industry went all-in on CDs. Most record stores would sell back their unsold stock of albums, but the Record Shop’s owner kept his entire stock in a climate-controlled basement.

That means that Sheeley is now the proud owner of several copies of some of the rarest, most sought-after pressings of vinyl records, from country to rock, pop, jazz, blues and everything in between.

Of course it’s not ALL amazing — “There are diamonds, and there’s coal,” says Sheeley. “But that’s the whole treasure hunt thing.” It may be hard to move 12 copies of The Best of the Mom and Dads. “I can only hope my grandmother or someone like her is still alive and wants to buy this,” Sheeley hilarious says. If not, he’s proposed a potential “ceremonial burn.”

With vinyl sales on the rise again, several record stores have popped back up on the map. For Sheeley, it’s a passion project — something he wanted to do after successful selling an audio/video company in 2014. It certainly looks like our friends up north have the chance to get their hands on some really cool records.

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Man Stumbles Upon 100,000 Sealed Vinyl Records in Texas Basement