Texas Man Who Lost Family in Wimberley Floods Shares His Experience

A Texas man who lost his wife and children in the deadly floods that swept through Wimberley last May recently shared his experience in the disaster and a vivid dream in which he was visited by his family.

Jonathan McComb, his wife Laura, his six-year-old son Andrew and four-year-old daughter Leighton were staying at a home in Wimberley over the Memorial Day weekend. After a huge wall of water from the Blanco River hit the home, the house was washed away in the middle of the night with the family still inside.

The home hit a bridge and split apart, separating the family as they struggled to stay above water. “At one point underwater, I just said, ‘I am done,'” McComb told USA Today. “I said, ‘Take me home, I am going to Heaven,’ and I just went limp underwater.”

What remains of the McComb's vacation home. Photo: The Daily Mail
What remains of the McComb’s vacation home. Photo: The Daily Mail

McComb was able to make it out of the flood water with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. His family was not so lucky. Six months later, McComb struggles to cope with the loss of his family. He says he recently had a vivid dream where he was reunited with his daughter.

“She said, ‘We didn’t make it, Daddy. You did. We got picked up by a man in the river — and it was Jesus. And we are in Heaven.’ And I woke up immediately and I looked for them and knew they weren’t there, and tried to get back in that dream. That was a big dream for me. I pray to have that dream every night before I go to bed.”

McComb has left his children’s rooms untouched, and continues to wear his wedding ring. His family’s bodies have not yet been found, but McComb says that he takes comfort in knowing that they are in a better place.

“Whether she is laid to rest in the river somewhere or in a coffin,” he says of his daughter. “I know where she is at the end, and that’s Heaven.”

If you would like to help the ongoing search efforts to find those who are still missing from the flood, visit this GoFundMe page.

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Texas Man Who Lost Family in Wimberley Floods Shares His Experience