Texas Rancher Reunites with Dog Found 1,100 Miles From Home

Screengrab via FOX 7

A Texas man was happily reunited with his beloved pup after he was found over a thousand miles away.

The pup, now nicknamed “Travelin’ Ace,” escaped from Leroy Filla’s 130-acre property in Granger, Texas on Dec. 14. The energetic dog has been known to journey a little farther than he should. “The neighbors know him very well,” Filla told Fox 7.

As Filla continued to search for his lost companion a few days later, South Carolina resident Brannon Lewis ended up taking in Ace after a friend found him roaming freely. Lewis decided to take Ace into a veterinarian’s office to get his microchip scanned.

“The vet whispered he’s from Texas,” Lewis said. “I thought ‘oh my goodness how did he get here?'”

Lewis immediately knew she had to reunite Ace with his rightful owners. She called up Filla’s son, Tommy, and let him know he was ready to come home. “I was like, I don’t think we can pick him up today,” Filla said jokingly.

“When Tommy said it was his dad’s dog and he was older and struggling with Parkinson’s, I was like we have to get him home,” said Lewis.

Determined to get Ace home, Lewis decided to use social media to try and find a way to transport him back to Texas. Within hours, Lewis was able to find a driver who safely delivered Ace to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From there, Filla drove Ace back to his father, who was relieved to have his beloved dog back at his side. Tommy made sure to send Lewis a video that captured the special reunion.

“Honestly made me tear up,” said Lewis. “It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.”

Ace is now back at home and under a slightly tighter leash.

“He’s making him a little more of a house dog now,” Tommy said of his father.

A truck driver later contacted the family and explained that he had picked up Ace on his way home to South Carolina. Ace ended up escaping from his home before he was rescued by Lewis.

Tommy Filla is just thankful to have his family back together. “Thank you to everyone who came through. It’s amazing what social media can do. It works wonders.”

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Texas Rancher Reunites with Dog Found 1,100 Miles From Home