Man Records Terrifying Video of a Tornado as It Destroys His Home

Screengrab via Vimeo

An Illinois man has shared the terrifying footage of his home being demolished by a tornado while he and his wife were still inside.

According to the Chicago Daily Herald, 85-year-old Clem Schultz had walked upstairs in his home to get camping lanterns in case the approaching storm knocked out his power. When he looked out the window, he was shocked to see a massive tornado barreling directly towards his house.

He took out his cell phone to record the unbelievable sight, unaware that he only had moments before the tornado struck his home. Unfortunately, the storm hit Clem's home before he could return downstairs to his wife. In the footage, you can see the storm as it approaches, eventually engulfing and destroying the home.

Schultz was rescued from the rubble by a neighbor, but his wife sadly perished in the storm. According to KUVE, he was afraid to watch the footage from his phone, which was recovered from the debris. He decided to release it for educational purposes to meteorologists and students with the hopes of saving the lives of others in the future.

Click below to watch Clem Schultz's shocking cell phone video from his home as it was hit by a devastating tornado.

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Man Records Terrifying Video of a Tornado as It Destroys His Home