Man Plans to Launch Himself Over Palo Duro Canyon in a Rocket


Move aside, Evel Knievel.

This California man plans to launch himself in a rocket over Palo Duro Canyon in an attempt to break his own world record. “Mad” Mike Hughes from Los Angeles already holds the record for the longest rocket jump in history, but his attempt at Palo Duro Canyon in Texas would shatter his previous record of 1,374 feet.

The X-2 Steam Rocket is steam-powered, which means it has to be powered by pressure, as opposed to gasoline or fuel. The tank builds up the adequate pressure to launch Hughes off a steep ramp over “the Grand Canyon of Texas.”

When the rocket launches through the air, he’ll sail over  the Palo Duro Zip Line Park area, which is about 25 miles Southwest of Amarillo. A parachute will deploy to help Hughes land safely on the ground.

It’s an extremely dangerous stunt, and one Hughes fully intends to let people witness on April 2. Tickets will be sold the day of the event, which will also feature food vendors and other live entertainment.

Hughes gets his inspiration from Evel Knievel, who attempted the first steam-powered rocket launch on May 6, 1972. Hughes, the self-proclaimed “Current King of the Daredevils,” tributes his love for extreme stunts to the American pioneer.

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Man Plans to Launch Himself Over Palo Duro Canyon in a Rocket