Man Orders Wings and Finds $1,300 in Delivery Box. What He Did With It Was Awesome.



It was any old night for Berkeley, California resident Mike Vegas when he called up Domino's and ordered a pizza and wings. He had the day off and figured he would sit at home, have some pizza, and relax. He didn't know that his morals were about to be tested.

When the pizza arrived, Vegas ate one slice and put the rest in the refrigerator for later, as one would. He never even opened the box of wings. Later he went to work.

It was then that the pizza delivery driver noticed his mistake. He had placed the $1,300 in a wings box to bring to the bank and given Vegas the wrong box. The driver frantically tried calling Vegas repeatedly. Vegas, however, being the good employee and human being that he is, does not answer his phone at work. It wasn't until 5 a.m. the next morning when Vegas got home from work and pulled the wings out for a snack that he noticed the money.

A lot of money. Two bundles of cash like the loot from some gangster movie stashed in his wings box. Vegas posted the find on Facebook and received a lot of feedback from friends, advising him to keep it or bring it back. He told ABC7 News, "I wrote a Facebook post and, of course, there's a long list of people arguing you should keep it, you shouldn't keep it, you should keep it, you shouldn't keep it. I wanted to keep it, believe me. But I can't, I can't do that." Vegas himself used to be a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Hut and was just happy that no one got in trouble.

It's people like Mike Vegas who remind us that the world can be a pretty darn good place to live in.

Vegas returned the money to the Domino's to the driver and manager's great relief. "Thank you so much for this," said  general manager Zia Mumtaz, "honest people are hard to find these days." As a token of his appreciation, Mumtaz offered Vegas free pizza for a year.

Which was fine with Vegas who quipped that he was going to have to start working out more.

It seems like some Little Big Town is appropriate here:

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Man Orders Wings and Finds $1,300 in Delivery Box. What He Did With It Was Awesome.