This ‘Man on the Moon’ Viral Video Has Moved Millions to Tears


Many of us in the U.S. may not have heard of British retail giant John Lewis, but their annual Christmas marketing campaign has crossed the Atlantic and is touching hearts here at home. Referred to as the “Man on the Moon”, this year’s ad shows a little girl who uses a telescope to look at the moon, where she discovers a lonely old man.

The little girl continues to check on the old man daily, trying different ways to contact him, until one day she launches a gift into the sky that reaches him. When he opens it, he discovers a telescope which he can use to communicate with her. The lesson of the John Lewis Man on the Moon video is to not neglect our elderly, especially during the holidays when so many people who are alone keenly feel their solitude.

The tear-jerking ad caused quite a stir in the UK, motivating people to get involved with Age UK, an organization that aims to make life better for the elderly in a myriad of ways. John Lewis partnered with Age UK to raise funds for the charity through their website, and it has been a huge success so far.

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This ‘Man on the Moon’ Viral Video Has Moved Millions to Tears