This Guy Constructs the Perfect Man Cave, an Apocalypse-Proof Bunker

Whether from “natural disaster or social unrest,” YouTube star Colin Furze, is ready to survive the end of the world. A tunnel shaft beneath a wooden shed in his backyard leads to an underground apocalypse-proof bunker. In these crazy times, this outlandish bunker may be a reasonable safety precaution for all of us.

Colin explains his decision to build. After being asked what he would do if the world ended in 34 days, he answered that he would build a bunker. So he actually set out to build a bunker. You can follow the innovative construction in Colin Furze’s five-episode series.


He has thought of everything: non-perishable goods, PS4, surround sound, gas masks, a backup generator and, of course, bazookas and wolverine claws in the case that “humanity might go nuts.”  The PS4 will also help you combat the evil, albeit fictional, forces from below.


This end-of-times efficient bachelor pad conveniently hosts the kitchen, entertainment center and bathroom in close quarters. One caveat: The toilet is three feet away from the couch. But, as Furze explains, “It’s the end of the world. It doesn’t really matter.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Austin Power’s sharks with frickin’ lasers, Assassin’s Creed hidden blade and Fallout 4’s “111” at the shed entrance. 

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This Guy Constructs the Perfect Man Cave, an Apocalypse-Proof Bunker