Idiotic Thief Caught Trying to Sell Stolen Willie Nelson Signed Guitars in Texas

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People who steal musical instruments are a cruel breed. But it turns out, in many cases, they're an especially dumb breed, too. A Texas man tried to sell guitars he stole from a Discount Electronics store and got caught in the most ridiculous way.

Esequial Martinez reportedly stole three guitars signed by Willie Nelson, Los Lonely Bones, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan from an Austin store back in April. The 53-year-old did the normal dumb thing, which was head to a pawn shop.

He probably didn't realize pawn shops tend to report suspicious people trying to sell obviously suspicious goods. And given the stolen guitars made news the day before...well, you get the idea.

The pawn shop didn't accept the guitars and instead called the police with a tip. The pawn store clerk also snagged Martinez's vehicle information.

Martinez then decided to blackmail the original store owner by calling him and demanding a $2,500 reward for the guitars. The store owner agreed, meeting with Martinez to recover his possessions. Martinez threatened that if he didn't give him the money, he'd actually destroy the guitars.

Austin Police Department
Austin Police Department

Martinez then told the store owner he got the guitars from some white guy addicted to meth. Police eventually used the phone number Martinez used to call the original store owner to follow up on this "tip."

And this is the best part. Martinez lied to the police, but forgot to hang up the phone. After he thought the call ended, Martinez bragged to another male in the room about the robbery, saying "F*** the police" and sharing other information. Police arrested him later.

You get what you deserve, buddy.

And just remember, towns like Austin have a tight-knit music community. Mess with musicians and you're messing with Texas. And we don't take kindly to messing with Texas.

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Idiotic Thief Caught Trying to Sell Stolen Willie Nelson Signed Guitars in Texas