Man Asks Fiancee’s Daughter for Her Blessing. She Gives the Perfect Response. [WATCH]

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Few things in life rival the extent of nerves that come with a proposal.

The planning, the fear of rejection and, not to mention, the safeguarding of, at least, several months' worth of paychecks in order to pop the question -- No doubt, all these complicated components precede an even more gutsy maneuver: the proposal.

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Thanks to the Internet, we've been exposed to the entire spectrum of proposals. Many provoke a tear at the very least; but whether that's a tear of happy sentiment or crushed hope, is a whole other story.

Whom we don't see in these special (or not so special, depending on the outcome) moments, are kids. Now, that has all changed thanks to the bold yet sweet move made by one lucky man.

In the video below, said man has already proposed to his bride-to-be...with success. The man turns his attention to his fiancee's young daughter. He gets on one knee and explains he and the girl's mother are to be married. As she realizes the circumstances, the girl lets out a squeal and scampers to the other side of the room.

"EW, YOU'RE GONNA MARRY!" she exclaims.

Just when it seems like all hope for a blessing is gone, the man calls the girl back over and reassures he didn't want to leave her out.

"Do you want to be my daughter forever too?"

Watch the video below to see if the young girl finally gives the man her blessing.

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Man Asks Fiancee’s Daughter for Her Blessing. She Gives the Perfect Response. [WATCH]