Acoustic Video Premiere: Mallory Johnson Revisits an Intoxicating Relationship on 'Drunk Mind, Sober Heart'

Singer-songwriter Mallory Johnson sings of late night drunk texts, heartache and old feelings on the gentle, vulnerable "Drunk Mind, Sober Heart," a song about two old flames who only reconnect with the help of liquid courage.

"You try to tell me that you still love me/ And I try to say you're in over your head," Johnson sings. "We can't hide what we've been keeping in the dark/ A drunk mind speaks a sober heart."

Johnson has released an acoustic performance of the song, which Wide Open Country is premiering today.

Johnson, who wrote the song with fellow country singer-songwriters Krystan Bellows and Tenille Arts, says she wanted to capture the raw honesty of the song with an acoustic video.

"'Drunk Mind, Sober Heart' was inspired by the mixture of emotions that get amplified after too many drinks, particularly those emotions involved with past relationships," Johnson tells Wide Open Country. "We've all experienced being on both sides of a late drunk text, and we wanted to capture the honesty and vulnerability in that moment. The studio recording of the song is pretty stripped down to begin with, but I wanted to shoot an acoustic video to showcase the song in its rawest form, and how it sounded in the living room the day we wrote it. "

See Mallory Johnson perform "Drunk Mind, Sober Heart," below.

Johnson, a native of Newfoundland in Canada, was discovered after winning the 2017 CCMA Spotlight Performance Singing Competition.

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