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How to Make Sweet Southern Buttermilk Pie

If you’re a southerner, you know that there should always be a delicious dessert waiting on the table after a big Sunday dinner. Sure, we have plenty of great treats to choose from, from pecan pie to bread pudding. Still, there’s one simple but seriously satisfying dessert that we just can’t get enough of.

If you’ve never tried buttermilk pie, you are missing out on one of the tastiest desserts around. Although it is now known as a southern staple, it actually first became popular in the United Kingdom. Decades ago, it became a popular dessert in part because it could be enjoyed at room temperature, which left plenty of room in the freeze box for more essential food items.

Although a lot has changed since the days of buttermilk pie’s peak popularity, it is still as tasty of a dish as ever. It’s also one of the simplest pies to make, which makes it a great starting point for beginner bakers. Most of the ingredients should already be in your cupboard, but it’s also easily adaptable if you want to spice things up. Add extra lemon or a berry medley on top to bring in some extra summer flavor. However you slice it, buttermilk pie should definitely be the next recipe you whip up in your kitchen.

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How to Make Sweet Southern Buttermilk Pie