How to Make Southern-Style Barbecue

Here are some tips on how to make three delicious styles of Southern barbecue. 

Nobody does barbecue like Southerners. From Tennessee to Texas, Southerners know how to create mouthwatering, delicious barbecued meats and ribs. Regardless of where you live, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to try your hand at making authentic Southern-style barbecue. Here are some tips on how to make Southern-style barbecue.

1. Memphis-style barbecue:

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There are two main styles of Memphis style barbecue: ribs and barbecue sandwiches. Ribs are served "wet" or "dry." Wet ribs are brushed with sauce before and after they are grilled, and dry ribs are covered with a dry seasoning rub. The most common type of Memphis barbecue sandwich is pulled pork topped with coleslaw. You can create Memphis style barbecue at home by whipping up this tasty sauce.

2. Carolina-style barbecue:

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Carolina style barbecue is generally either pulled, chopped, shredded or sliced pork. Sometimes it's rubbed with a spice mixture before it is smoked. North Carolinians often smoke or barbecue the entire hog before topping it with a barbecue sauce made with vinegar and spices. South Carolinians make three different types of sauces: a ketchup-based sauce, a vinegar-and-pepper sauce, or a yellow mustard and brown sugar sauce. Follow this recipe to make North Carolinian barbecue, and this one to make South Carolinian mustard barbecue sauce.

3. Texas-style barbecue

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Texans do it big, and barbecue is no exception. Texans usually make barbecue "cowboy style," which means they cook it directly over mesquite charcoal. Beef is the meat of choice for Texas style barbecue. Learn how to make barbecue beef brisket in a gas grill by using this recipe.

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How to Make Southern-Style Barbecue