How to Make Gummy Lego Candy at Home [VIDEO]


With three easy ingredients, Jello, corn syrup, and unflavored gelatin, you can create just about the coolest candy ever. You’ll also need Lego molds–look for silicone Lego ice cube trays at your local cookery store. You should be able to find molds for the standard Lego block and a Lego figurine.

Mix the corn syrup and cold water, add the gelatin and Jello and heat over medium-low for 5-10 minutes. Pour your solution into the molds, let them sit, and pretty soon you’ve got gummy with a wow factor.

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Grant Thompson, The King of Random, wasn’t satisfied with just a few measly bricks and Lego figures, however. In the video, he made a silicone mold of a variety of different sized Lego bricks. Then he used the mold to make gummy candies in all the different shapes. He even pressed a base plate onto the mold so that the bricks would cool with dimples, making them interconnectable.

So, when was the last time you played with your food?

Grant also provides a couple of super expert hacks. First, mix up a double or triple batch of corn syrup, water and gelatin and separate it between different colored and flavored Jellos for a variety of colored candies.

Also, if you dissolve vitamin C tablets in the solution, you’ll end up with a slightly healthier, tangier candy.

Grant closes by noting that you don’t have to use this trick to make Lego bricks. You can make gummies out of anything you can think of. So go wild!

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How to Make Gummy Lego Candy at Home [VIDEO]