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This Dirty Trick Could Make Your Garden Grow Better Than Ever

An unused diaper might just be the secret ingredient to making your garden grow better than ever.

This surprisingly brilliant video from Grant Thompson shows the simple steps involved in transforming your soil and plants by using the absorbable part of a diaper.

To begin adding this to your garden today, all you’ll need is a diaper and a bit of water. Soak the fibers found inside the diaper in water and mix thoroughly. At this point, you will have a water-rich gel you can throw on your garden or plants.

For the full instructions and benefits, check out this video.

This simple tool is a great one for those who love to garden, but don’t necessarily have the time they need to dedicate to their plants. With just a bit of work, you can create a gel that will keep your plants hydrated at all times. Plus, you will be able to save money and time by going longer between the times you water your plants.

So, if you have a few diapers lying around, give this a try. The simple process and amazing benefits are great for just about anyone. It’s quick, easy and will keep your plants looking their best all the time.

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This Dirty Trick Could Make Your Garden Grow Better Than Ever