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How to Make the Famous Cocktails from 15 Classic Movies

The first time I ordered a Vesper martini, I felt super fancy.  It happened to be in an old speakeasy-style bar in Seattle, the kind you need to have a password or know where the "secret" entrance is. They asked me what I was drinking, and without hesitating, I responded, "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Got it?" Whether you prefer rye whiskey, grenadine, white rum, dry vermouth or prosecco in your mixed drinks or cocktails, you can't deny the joy of enjoying a drink from a famous movie! However, recreating famous cocktails doesn't have to happen in a fancy bar, or even a dive bar. You can easily make them at home, and our friends over at Seat Up made it even easier by putting together these infographics.

Here are a few variations of recipes for these classic cocktails.

1. White Russian

The White Russian became totally famous with the Coen Brother's The Big Lebowski in 1998. To make this popular cocktail, just combine vodka, coffee liqueur (like Kahlua), and cream. Or, powdered coffee creamer if you really want to be like the Dude.

2. The Red Eye

1988's Cocktail is the most iconic bar movie of the '80s (and possibly, ever). The red eye cocktail probably existed before the movie, but I don't know that anyone was using this variation to cure hangovers until this movie.

Nothing like a little beer, vodka, and tomato juice to be the hair-of-the-dog cure.

3. French 75

The classic French 75 cocktail of gin, fresh fruit, and champagne was around long before Humphrey Bogart made it famous in 1942 with Casablanca. 

British soldiers station in France during World War I were sipping on this punchy drink and named it after a French 75mm artillery gun. When Yvonne and her Nazi suitor ordered it in Casablanca, it became a household staple.

4. Singapore Sling

Hunter S. Thompson revived a long-forgotten cocktail in his 1998 film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In a flashback, Raoul Duke recalls "sitting in the Pogo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel... in the patio section, of course, drinking Singapore Slings with mezcal on the side."

I'm not sure I would drink mezcal on the side of a cocktail filled with gin, Cointreau, cherry liqueur, benedictine, and pineapple juice - but hey, I'm not crazy, either!

5. Orange Whip

The 1980's Blues Brothers film is nothing short of iconic - completely quotable and one of those movies you can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it.

Who even knew what the cocktail was before John Candy's impeccably delivered line, "Who wants an Orange Whip?" A festive combination of rum, vodka, orange juice, and cream will make the perfect accompaniment to your nth watching of this classic film.

6. Manhattan

The Manhattan cocktail itself is classic, but the 1959 film Some Like it Hot scene started my fascination with the classic whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters cocktail.

There's nothing like Marilyn Monroe whispering "How's the bottle?" to inspire me to drink more bourbon!

7. Vesper

Ian Flemming's James Bond was always famous for drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred), but it wasn't until 2006's Casino Royale that Daniel Craig brought back the Vesper martini.

A classic combination of gin, vodka, and white wine (or, Lillet Blanc if you want to be really classic).

8. Sidecar

The exact origins of this classic cognac and orange liqueur drink are unknown, but the 1990 film Bonfire of the Vanities put it on the movie cocktail map.

Arthur isn't even supposed to be drinking in the film because of his health, but this cocktail is so tasty he's willing to tempt fate and have one anyway!

9. Moloko Plus

This cocktail stems from the Russian word for milk, and it was actually a fictional drink until A Clockwork Orange came out in 1971.

Originally it was just barbiturate-spiked milk, but the absinthe-anisette-Irish cream liqueur version came out shortly after the movie.

10. Cosmopolitan

There is no way to think about 2008's Sex and the City without thinking about a cosmo.

Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, and cranberry juice combine to make this easy-to-drink cocktail. It also looks pretty sexy served up in a martini glass!

11. Mojito

A movie called The Rum Diary (2011) wouldn't be complete without an iconic rum drink.

Johnny Depp puts a sophisticated swing on the classic summertime favorite of muddled mint, sugar, lemon juice, and rum cocktail.

12. Mai Tai

Whether you're an Elvis fan or not, you can't deny the beautiful imagery in the 1961's Blue Hawaii. The postcard-perfect scenery of Oahu, vintage cars, and the perfect southern belle in Angela Lansbury.

You'll feel right in the scene while sipping on a classic Mai Tai of light and dark rums, creme de almond, orange liqueur, apple juice, and sours mix.

13. Bloody Mary

Brunch without cocktails is just boring, normal breakfast, so this classic vodka and spiced tomato juice cocktail always has a spot on my table!

1985's Fletch shows Chevy Chase at his finest, especially in the scene where he orders a "Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich...and a steak sandwich" at the ritsy club (on the Underhill's bill, of course).

14. Mississippi Punch

This highly alcoholic party punch (made with cognac, bourbon, and rum) didn't start with 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's - it makes an appearance in an 1862 cocktail book. But Audrey Hepburn makes it classic by sipping it from the sidelines of the dance floor.

15. 7&7

The simple combination of cheap whiskey (like Seagram's 7) and soda (classically, 7-Up) is an easy way to drink a fizzy lemonade-like drink. It doesn't get much better than John Travolta giving us a flashback to disco inferno while sipping a 7 and 7 in 1977's Saturday Night Fever 1977.

So which cocktail are you going to mix up tonight? Check out our drinks & cocktails recipe collection if your favorite wasn't on this list.

This post was originally published on December 15, 2017.