How to Make a Delicious Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese-Stuffed Hot Dog [WATCH]


One of the best things about summer is all of the great food you can make on your grill. Barbecues bring friends and family members together to hang out and enjoy a bunch of delicious treats. But what if you really want to impress everyone by cooking the best hot dogs ever?

Fear not, my food-loving friend. This video from Mom Spark will teach you how to make the outrageously delicious bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed hot dogs. Yes, you read that correctly.

The process is absurdly simple. Cut a slit in the middle of the hot dog, then stuff it with cheese. Then, wrap uncooked bacon around the dog and secure it with a few toothpicks. Smother it with your choice of barbecue sauce, then throw on the grill. You’ll want to bake it at 4oo degrees for about 20 minutes to get it fully cooked. After that, just slide the toothpicks out, throw it on a bun and try not to eat too many of them at once.

The best part of this simple recipe is that it can easily be changed for individual preferences. Try a variety of cheeses, add more toppings, or swap out the hot dogs for your favorite type of sausage. Your tastebuds will thank you later.

Watch the full tutorial from Mom Spark above.

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How to Make a Delicious Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese-Stuffed Hot Dog [WATCH]