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How to Make a BBQ Meatloaf Roll

What could possibly make meatloaf any better? Rolling it up and smoking it over low heat on the grill.

In the video below, the grill masters from BBQ Pit Boys offer a DIY lesson in rollin' your own meatloaf. Starting from a base of ground chuck spread out like pizza dough, the guys pile on the goodies, including bacon, onions, celery, salt, pepper and garlic. They roll the whole thing up tight, baste it with marinara sauce, top it with parmesean and grill it over indirect heat (250 degrees Fahrenheit).

One hour later the roll emerges a beautifully caramelized loaf of pure meat goodness. A crispy smoke ring covered in caramelized marinara gives way to a core of perfectly seasoned meat spiked with savory spices. The onions and celery help the whole roll maintain the roll's juiciness. Recommended sides include baked potatoes and of course your cold beverage of choice.

Check out the video below and learn how to make your very own grilled meatloaf roll.


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How to Make a BBQ Meatloaf Roll