How to Make an Awesome Barbecue Grill Out of Old Car Rims

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If you ever come across an old car rim, take a look at this hack before you throw it away. With a little ingenuity, you can turn it into one of the coolest barbecue grills out there.

The only things you need to make this handy barbecue grill are a couple of car rims, a saw capable of cutting through the metal and a welding machine. Start by cutting a section out of the rims where you will have access to the inside. Then, you can weld the two pieces together, add a grill to the top and get ready to cook some dinner.

Want to make one of these for yourself? Check out the step by step guide in this video.

Once you finish, you have a fun barbecue grill that is perfect for cooking dinner on. Just throw a little wood and fire inside and you are ready to go.

This cool grill is a great option for any redneck barbecue since it’s easy to make and looks really unique. You will definitely amaze your guests when you start showing this bad boy off.

When you are using this grill, always make sure you practice fire safety. Keep the grill away from flammable objects and always stay with it while you are cooking.

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How to Make an Awesome Barbecue Grill Out of Old Car Rims