Video of Maine Cop's 'Cow Arrest' Goes Viral

Screengrab via YouTube

Darn kids! This Maine cop's "arrest" of two adolescent cows on the run will have you spilling your milk.

Officer Ernest MacVane from the Windham Police Department responded to a call of two escaped cows wandering the road. When he pulled up, he got out his cell phone to tape the ordeal. He called it a "possible mad cow situation."

As Officer MacVane gets out of his car, the cows decide to go on the lam. MacVane hollers at the escapees, "Don't run from me, I'm the police!" Even obstacles like a mailbox don't stop the cows for long. "Stop resisting," he says.

Watch the whole harrowing ordeal here.

MacVane says he taped the encounter for his 10-year-old son. And no surprise, he loved it. But so did MacVane's fellow officers, who managed to upload it to the department's Facebook page. The video  views are in the millions.

MacVane told the Bangor Daily News he knew there wasn't much he could do about loose cows, but had to try to and help. "I don't care who you are. That's a funny thing," the officer said. "Of course there's nothing I can do as a police officer to deal with cows. I just grabbed my cellphone and made a video of it."

No word on if the TV show Cops has called for rights to the harrowing footage.

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Video of Maine Cop's 'Cow Arrest' Goes Viral