Maggie Rose Change The Whole Thing

Maggie Rose Announces New Album 'Change The Whole Thing'

Maggie Rose has a mind to Change The Whole Thing with her upcoming new album and tour.

Coming out on September 21, Rose's second full-length record, Change The Whole Thing, will be released along with 12 live in-studio videos for each song and a one-hour documentary showing what went into making the soon-to-be hit record. Rose set the stage for the album by releasing new songs, the first of which, "Pull You Through," made its way on to the Top 10 on Sirius XM.

Rose has already uploaded videos for over half of the songs on Change The Whole Thing to YouTube. The in-studio clips showcase Rose's connection to each song she sings and the talent she's surrounded by in the studio to record the track live. The video for "Pull You Through" was filmed as a segment on YouTube's Nashville Sessions as Rose has been recognized as one of YouTube's Emerging Artists and an Artist in Residence. Rose continues to release new music as videos with digital 45s to match.

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When Rose steps up to the mic with her compelling vocals, and sings, "The world wasn't broken in a day/And it ain't gonna stay this way forever/But you ain't gotta change the whole damn thing/You just gotta leave it a little better," listeners can't help but take it to heart. Rose has an undeniable talent that she'll bring on the road to support her fall album release including a string of United States tour dates starting off in Montana in August and finishing up in Texas in December.

Change The Whole Thing Tracklist:

1. "Do Right By My Love"
2. "I'm Yours"
3. "Change The Whole Thing"
4. "Lazy Love"
5. "Long Way to Go"
6. "It's You"
7. "Hey Blondie"
8. "Smooth"
9. "Magic Man"
10. "Just Getting By"
11. "Pull You Through"
12. "The Letter"

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