Maddie & Tae Get Serious About Fishing in New Video


When it comes to fishing, Maddie and Tae have no time for distractions.

In their new video for “Shut Up and Fish,” the duo tries to deal with their less-than outdoorsy companion who is too busy snapping selfies and planting romantic gestures to even bait a hook. The girls conspire to teach the preppy pretty boy, played by Tae’s brother Mason Dye, what happens when you mess up a girl’s sacred day on the water.

The playful track still has a strong message that follows in line with their breakthrough hit, “Girl in a Country Song.” Instead of sitting on tailgates and riding shotgun while the man takes the driver seat, Maddie and Tae once again tell a story of a strong, independent woman who has better things to do than swooning over a guy.

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While the song still has the immediate catchiness that helped make their debut single such a smash, this track’s target audience is much narrower. Still, the influence and power of females in country is at its highest point in recent years, so don’t be surprised to see this one quickly make its way up the charts.

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Maddie & Tae Get Serious About Fishing in New Video