Hear Maddie and Tae's New Anti-Bullying Single 'Sierra'

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Maddie and Tae are no strangers to speaking their minds and fighting back. Just as they did in "Girl In A Country Song," the duo take on a taboo subject with their newest single, "Sierra."

Although written with a humorous undertone, the song touches on a subject that rings true for most teens today - bullying.

It turns out that Sierra is the actual name of a real life Mean Girl that Maddie Marlow went to school with and used to call her friend in junior high. They were even on the cheerleading team together, but things changed once high school came around.

Sierra's inner Regina George came out and Maddie became her target. She even went as far as recruiting other girls to join her in the lunch room to torment the future country star telling her she was crazy to think she'd be the next Taylor Swift.

"I went home crying at least once a week because she was just so mean," Marlow told Taste of Country. One of those teary moments inspired Marlow to write and she wrote the first verse on her own.

"I wish I had something nice to say/ About that girl and her million-dollar face/ But beauty only gets you so far."

Then the next day when she met up to write with Tae and producer Aaron Scherz they helped her pull out the rest quite quickly. With the same kind of no-shame sass you've heard from them before, the upbeat single is brutally honest and doesn't hold back.

"Sierra, Sierra/ Girl, let me tell ya/ That high horse you're riding can buck you off quick/Sierra, Sierra/Life ain't all tiaras/ You're gonna find out that karma's a..."

"Sierra" is the fourth single off of the duo's debut album, Start Here. It hits radio May 17 and is determined to make a statement.

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Hear Maddie and Tae's New Anti-Bullying Single 'Sierra'