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Maddie and Tae's Next Project is a Concept Album

It's been a minute since fans have heard something new from Maddie and Tae. But it looks like their sophomore effort will be worth the wait, at least in terms of ambition. That's because the duo revealed the album is a concept album.

Back stage at the ACM Awards, Tae Dye told WYRK, "It's like a story. Basically, through the whole record, it's going to start at the beginning of a relationship, and then it's gonna go into the 'in love' phase, then the 'breakup' phase, just like it always happens. And then, at the end, it was really important for us to have that redemptive moment."

Astute readers might link the concept with Josh Abbott Band's 2015 album Front Row Seat, which was one of the best albums to come out of the Texas scene in a long time. But concept albums aren't easy. Country music only sees a few every decade, particularly from major label artists.

The wait for the record isn't just due to ambition, though. Maddie & Tae's label Dot Records (part of Big Machine Label Group) closed in early 2017. That left the pair understandable shaken. In a video posted to their YouTube channel, Maddie Marlow revealed she suffered from a bout of depression after the ordeal.

But the pair found a new label mate later in the year. They signed with Universal Music Group Nashville and the time off helped them craft their upcoming album into something they feel fans will truly appreciate.

And even if concept records can be tricky territory, it shouldn't be too much of a hurdle for Maddie and Tae. After all, they rose to fame by releasing an anti-bro country song at the height of the movement's popularity.

No word on a release date or new single from the duo, but we can safely assume it'll be in 2018.

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