Madame Tussauds Nashville
Lorie Liebig

Country’s Biggest Stars Recreated in Wax at Madame Tussaud’s Nashville

Nashville is now home to a brand new attraction that brings country fans closer than ever to their favorite stars. Madame Tussauds Nashville just opened its doors last week, but we got a first look at their impressive wax creations.

Located just steps away from the Grand Ole Opry, visitors to Madame Tussauds Nashville are greeted by the King of Country himself, George Strait. His doppelgänger, clad in his trademark jeans, hat and warm smile, is plenty welcoming. But as I awaited my turn to go inside, I was still a bit unsure of what to expect.


George Strait

As I walked through the attraction, I was pleasantly surprised at how much thought went into plotting out each individual room's theme. One of the first was a replica of the old WSM radio studios from the 1960s. Inside, you have some of country music's biggest stars from the time.


Little Jimmy Dickens

Little Jimmy Dickens is among the first to greet you as you walk into the "radio station."


George Jones



Johnny Cash



Hank Williams

Another room features more Opry stars from the olden days, including the late, great Hank Williams.


Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings and the General Lee are ready and waiting for a snapshot.


Minnie Pearl

One of the most impressive wax likenesses is of Minnie Pearl, who embodies her playful spirit perfectly.


Loretta Lynn


Tammy Wynette


Kenny Rogers


And no, this image isn't photoshopped. As you walk into the "recording studio," it really does feel like you've entered a moment frozen in time. Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis are all gathered for a truly epic jam session.


Elvis Presley


Luke Bryan

As you walk into the backstage/green room area, all of country music's biggest stars from today await you. I predict that this spitting image of Luke Bryan will likely be one of the most popular of the bunch.


Faith Hill

Naturally, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are located near each other.


Tim McGraw


Eric Church

And Eric Church's wax figure has just as much charisma as he does. (You can see the moment when he first met his wax twin here.)


Keith Urban


Reba McEntire

Appropriately clad in a sparkling red dress, Reba McEntire is a spunky addition to the "Grand Ole Opry."


Alan Jackson


Trisha Yearwood

During the attraction's grand opening, Trisha Yearwood was surprised with her own wax figure. Can you tell if this photo is actually of Trisha or her wax counterpart?

If you want to plan your own visit to Madame Tussauds Nashville, you can find more information on the attraction and ticketing here.

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