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The ‘Flatev’ is the Keurig of Tortillas

Do we have flying cars yet? No. How about hoverboards? Sadly, no. Instant tortilla makers? Yes, we sure as heck do.

Meet the Flatev, a new device that produces fresh tortillas instantly a la a device that’s much like a Keurig coffee maker. Flatev’s recyclable pods contain a single serving of dough. You have the choice between corn and flour and a sweet cinnamon breakfast dough. The device works just like a K-cup; Add the pod, select the cook level, and boom, a fresh tortilla pops into a little tray. Check it out.

Mexican-born inventor Carlos Ruiz created the Flatev after searching hopelessly for authentic Mexican food in Switzerland.

Interested in buying one? The creation is still in production phase, but you can invest in the Kickstarter campaign, which has raised $104,231 so far. The Kickstarter special price is currently set at $299.

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The ‘Flatev’ is the Keurig of Tortillas