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Lyndon B. Johnson's Texas Ranch is on the Market for $2.8 Million

A Texas ranch once owned by President Lyndon B. Johnson's is on the market for $2.8 million.

When Johnson first purchased the home, the property came with 800 acres. Although much of that land has been sold off, his estate still comes with 142 acres of scenic ranch land. According to Today, Johnson purchased the home just a week into his presidency.

The property is located in Johnson City, Texas. Johnson owned the ranch from 1963 until 1971. The famous Italian artist Benini purchased the home back in 1999.


Along with being a beautiful home, the property also has a gorgeous view and a lot of great amenities. It has several porches and offers a 360-degree look at the property on top of a hill at 1,800 feet.

The home itself is a three-bedroom, two-bath structure. Although the structure is not completely the same one Johnson lived in, designers built the new home on the same foundation. They also managed to save Johnson's bedroom and bathroom and preserve it. The bedroom has a lovely fireplace and lots of natural lighting coming in from multiple windows.

The bathroom is on the small side, but it does include Johnson's original tub.

Throughout the remainder of the home, you can see some interesting design similarities. The architects used a lot of stone throughout the construction of the home, including the fireplaces, floors and pathways outside.



The kitchen is a large one and is filled with modern upgrades. The rustic theme you see throughout the home also carries over into the kitchen as well.



Outside the home, there is also a huge hangar that the current owner has set up as an art gallery. However, it's a versatile space that you can use it for just about anything.



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