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Song Premiere: Lyman Ellerman's Heartening 'Here Comes Tomorrow'

Nashville based singer-songwriter Lyman Ellerman has never been one to shy away from singing about the darker and more difficult sides of life. But on his upcoming album I Wish I Was a Train (out on August 10), which deals with themes of addiction, pain and loss, important messages of hope shine through.

On the buoyant alt-country rocker "Here Comes Tomorrow," which Wide Open Country is exclusively premiering today, Ellerman offers optimism for the weary.

Ellerman says the song was inspired by a feeling of starting anew and a burst of creativity sparked by one of the great classic rock bands.

"This was the first song completed for the album. That's because we had recorded this one a couple years prior! It wasn't originally set for this record. But when we were about halfway through we knew we were accumulating a lot of songs with darker content. So we thought 'Tomorrow' would be a good closer to end up with a ray of hope," Ellerman tells Wide Open Country. "And in reality, that's what the song is about. Every day is a new chance to make a fresh move or right a wrong, let go of the chains of the past, etc. 'The storm is always at its worst just before it's gone.' The melody as I was starting on this one kind of reminded me of the John Fogerty-Creedence Clearwater Revival era, and so I followed that trail all the way through. 'Here comes the good times. Move over sorrow. Here comes the sunshine. Here comes tomorrow.'"
The Creedence Clearwater Revival-meets-Tom Petty track feels like a long drive with the windows down on a warm summer day. It's rapturous; and we could all use a ray of hope right now.

Listen to the song below.

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