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This Luxurious Renovated Stable Home is an Off-the-Grid Paradise

Ábaton Architecture

We may have found the most stunning home renovation in the world. Located in Extremadura, Spain and designed by Ábaton Architecture, this luxurious and modern home used to be a dilapidated cow stable. The renovated stable home was a project by Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino (owners of Ábaton), who stumbled upon the property when looking for a rural getaway for their family.

It wasn't your typical home renovation, though. The remote town has no electricity or running water available. That meant they'd have to create a totally off-the-grid home, using the nature around them to bring their design ideas to life.

Made of stone and a wealth of windows, the exterior of the home looks like it fits perfectly among the landscape, and every single room is integrated with the outdoors.

The interior is a stark contrast, though -- something that Carlos says only accentuates the beauty of the nature around them. The family used Japanese-inspired architecture, minimalist decor and an open floor plan to create the contemporary look.

There's no need for heating and air in the home. In the winter, the large windows let enough sunlight in to keep the house warm during the day. During the summer, the courtyard with water flowing fresh from the mountain keeps the interior cool when the doors are opened. There are large wooden panel doors that can cover the large windows to help keep heat in or out of the house.

As for water, the home sits high enough on the mountain that they don't have to worry about contamination from the river. With nothing above them on the terrain, they simply filter the water and let it sit. With just that, it's pure enough for drinking, bathing and cooking.

Solar panels provide the home with electricity, and in the darker winter months, they utilize a water turbine. As Camino explains, "Nature is free--it's like a gift. You don't have to pay for it. ... You only have to respect it to be able to enjoy it."

Now that's what we call 'living off-the-grid!'

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This Luxurious Renovated Stable Home is an Off-the-Grid Paradise