YouTube screengrabs of Luke Combs' good deed in Bangor, Maine.
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Luke Combs Rewards Kids' Hard Work to Attend His Concert With More Than a Refund


Young fans who'd worked hard to earn enough money to see Luke Combs live in Bangor, Maine on Friday night (Sept. 2) got more than their money's worth. Combs delivered not just a refund but priceless memories for 12-year-old birthday boy Bo Fenderson and his friend Tanner.

Per punny signs the two youngsters made for the show, they did extra chores so they could contribute to the price of tickets.

"We made $100 bucks stacking 5 cords of wood, bought two Luke Combs tickets," the signs read. "Man, he sounds good. Our Dads swore it was a waste of time, oh but they were wrong. Today's my 12th birthday, oh Lord when it rains it pours."


"I prayed for it to happen. I hoped. I prayed and it happened," Fenderson told WABI TV of his birthday wish.

Not only did the friends attend the opening night of Combs' Middle of Somewhere Tour. The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year addressed the duo during the show.

"Okay, I got a question for y'all, what's up buddy? How much did it cost y'all... How much were your tickets? $100? $200? Y'all paid $200, a hundred dollars a piece. Oh my God, I think I only got $140 right here. Y'all want that, pay yourselves back. I'll get you some more," Combs said from stage before signing the fans' hats.


It got better beyond the cash exchange, with Fenderson, Tanner and the rest of their crew getting to meet Combs after the show.

"Luke was amazing. It was the best birthday ever and the best concert I'll ever go to," Fenderson told Country Now. "Thanks, Luke, for the tickets."

Fenderson's mother praised Combs and his team for their kindness.

"It wasn't just Luke, it was the rest of the staff too that made it happen and made it a point to come find us and the boys and fulfill that promise that he made to them," she said (as quoted by Western Mass News).


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