Luke Bryan’s Mom Gets Down in Spring Break Dance Party [VIDEO]

At the end of Spring Break, LeClaire Bryan hopped on stage to shake it with her son.

In what is possibly the most adorable video ever shot, Luke Bryan’s mom dance’s with the country star during his final Spring Break. LeClaire Bryan’s moves prove that the “Roller Coaster” singer comes by his signature dancing skills naturally.

In the video, Bryan is standing on a stage platform with his wife Caroline, and when Caroline jumps down she helps up her mother in law, who then shakes it with her son for a bit before waving to the excited crowd.

Bryan has been playing free two-day shows in Panama City, Fla. for the past eight years. His last show on March 12 signaled the final end to his reign as one of Panama City’s largest spring break attractions.

The country superstar released his last Spring Break EP, Spring Break…Checkin’ Out, on March 10. The album contains 11 songs, including “Spring Breakdown,” which is a tribute to his fans.

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Luke Bryan’s Mom Gets Down in Spring Break Dance Party [VIDEO]