Luke Bryan Shares Secret for Strong Marriage and Song for His Wife

In a new interview, Luke Bryan opened up about how he and wife, Caroline Boyer, keep their marriage strong.

The singer recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss how they keep connected while juggling busy schedules. “We both have our things that we love to do,” he says. “We can tell when we need a night off. Go grab a hotel room somewhere or go do a fun date night or something. We stay pretty in-tune with all that and try to make sure we’re always on the same page.”

In a time when it seems like every well-known country couple is calling it quits, Bryan says that his relationship is still happy and healthy after nine years and two children. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert surprised fans when they announced their quick divorce last month. Bryan, who is close friends with Shelton, says he wishes the best for both of them on their new lives apart.

“Blake and I have talked a little bit,” Bryan said. “A divorce out of the public eye is a tremendous thing to have to deal with, so when they’re in the public eye, you just hope they’re doing good and you hope they’re happy at the end of the day.”

You won’t see divorce headlines with Luke Bryan’s name in them any time soon. He told ET he and Boyer are “really, really blessed,” and was even inspired to write a different kind of love song for his wife. “This was my attempt at, through song, telling her how much she means to me,” he admitted. “I never kinda landed on a wedding song, and this thing may be that.” The singer says he even fought off some nerves the first time he shared the touching ballad, “To the Moon and Back,” with his wife.

“I played it for my wife and I had butterflies, her hearing it for the first time,” Bryan explained. “It was my attempt through song telling her how much she means to me.”

You can hear “To the Moon and Back” on Bryan’s latest album, Kill The Lights, which is available in stores now.

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Luke Bryan Shares Secret for Strong Marriage and Song for His Wife