Luke Bryan Hit with Beer Can, Uses Dance Moves to Shake It Off

Screengrab via YouTube

Luke Bryan managed to turn an embarrassing moment into an entertaining dance break during a recent concert in Montreal.

At the end of his performance at the Bell Centre on Feb. 25, the country superstar spent a few moments greeting the crowd before heading backstage. While sharing high-fives with fans, Bryan was hit with a beer can that was thrown to him by one of his crew members. The can slipped through his hands, spilling beer onto the stage and causing him to fall on his back.

Obviously caught by surprise by the fall, Bryan quickly sat up and let out a laugh before striking a few poses for his fans. Moments later, he even shows off a few breakdance-worthy spins before getting back on his feet and grabbing another can of cold beer.

It seems these days taking a tumble while on stage comes with the territory of being a performer – just ask Thomas Rhett. Still, Bryan’s years of entertaining large audiences has helped him learn that being able to laugh at yourself is the best way to recover from on-stage missteps.

Click below to see footage of Luke Bryan’s impressive recovery from being hit with a flying beer can.

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Luke Bryan Hit with Beer Can, Uses Dance Moves to Shake It Off