Luke Bryan
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Luke Bryan's Son Get Pumped to Go Shopping for Fishing Gear

In the most recent edition of LBTV, Luke Bryan and his son Bo spend the day fishing and take a trip to Cabela's. For Bo — who's never been to Cabela's — it adds up to be the best day ever.

Their original plan was to head straight for a festival. Instead, the father, son duo decide to spend most of their day fishing a lake in Tennessee.

Bryan has obviously taught Bo well; he reels in a couple of nice-sized fish. Bo even exaggerates the size of his catch, in true fisherman style.

Remember, this is the man who sings "Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day." Really, this episode of LBTV is like a Luke Bryan song IRL. The gang actually goes shooting when they're done fishing.

"Shootin.' Shootin' stuff, and catching fish," is how Bryan sums up their morning.

However, the real gem in this video is Bo's reaction to his first trip to Cabela's. He's so amped to go, he predicts that he'll "pass out" when they get there. Rest assured, Bo does not pass out. Actually, just the opposite.

He cruises around the store picking out lures and loading up the cart while his dad poses for photos with fans.

You can't beat the genuine father-son moments captured in this episode. You can tell that Bo and Bryan have a close relationship. Proof? Head to 5:44 of the video: Bo adjusts his hat exactly the way Bryan does.

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