Luke Bryan Reveals Details of Upcoming 'Here’s to the Farmer' EP

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Luke Bryan is gearing up to release a brand new EP to coincide with his upcoming 2016 Farm Tour. Now, he's sharing what songs fans can expect from his newest release.

He's already given us a sneak preview of his latest project with a few live performances of "Southern Gentleman." The five-song release features all new material, including a ballad titled "You Look Like Rain."

Although Bryan has released seven consecutive spring break-themed EPs each year, this is the first time he's recorded an EP to coincide with his annual farm tour. You can find a full track listing below, as well as all of his 2016 Farm Tour dates below. You can find additional info on the tour at Bryan's official website.

Luke Bryan's Here's to the Farmer EP Track Listing:
1. "I Do All My Dreamin' There"
2. "Here's to the Farmer"
3. "Love Me in a Field"
4. "You Look Like Rain"
5. "I Do All My Dreaming There"

Luke Bryan's 2016 Farm Tour Dates:
Oct. 5 - Gaston, S.C. @ Culler Farms
Oct. 6 - Greenback, Tenn. @ Maple Lane Farms
Oct. 7 - Elizabethtown, Ky. @ Highland Farms
Oct. 8 - Monroeville, Ind. @ Spangler Farms
Oct. 12 - Batesville, Miss. @ FT Farms
Oct. 13 - Prairie Grove, Ark. @ Ogden Ranch
Oct. 14 - Centralia, Mo. @ Stowers Farm
Oct. 15 - Effingham, Ill. @ Mid America Motorworks

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Luke Bryan Reveals Details of Upcoming 'Here’s to the Farmer' EP