Luke Bryan Reunites With Old Neighbor During Concert [WATCH]

Screengrab via YouTube

During a recent VIP pre-show concert, Luke Bryan spotted a familiar face from his past.

While taking a moment to chat up the crowd at the intimate backstage event at Phillips Arena in Georgia, he locked eyes with someone he hadn’t seen in years.

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“Bernice Williams?!” Bryan said excitedly from the stage after spotting his former neighbor, then jumped down to give her a big hug. After catching up with her quickly, he ran back onstage to share the story of how he and Williams knew one another.

“People say that they’re your neighbor, but she is like… my neighbor,” Bryan explained to the crowd. “Like, her house, my house.” he said, using hand gestures to show how closely located they were to one another. “Like, my dogs ate her cat food.”

It was a touching moment that proves Bryan still hasn’t forgotten his Georgia roots. Watch below to see Luke Bryan’s adorable reunion with his former neighbor, Bernice Williams, below.

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Luke Bryan Reunites With Old Neighbor During Concert [WATCH]