See Luke Bryan Perform His Brand New Song, 'Southern Gentleman'

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Luke Bryan just performed a new song off his upcoming EP, Here's To The Farmer. The set of tunes doesn't come out til Sept. 23, but Bryan couldn't wait to give fans a taste.

YouTube user xMeron posted the video to his account with the title "Southern Gentleman." Bryan plays the love song totally acoustic, which gives fans a great chance to hear the lyrics. And you can bet with a supposed title like "Southern Gentleman," it's chock full of Southern imagery.

In the chorus, Bryan sings, "I was raised to stand up when you walk in the door / Spin you around an old hard pine floor / Rock you, baby, on a wrap-around porch underneath a magnolia blossom...ain't nobody gonna love you better than this Southern gentleman."

Bryan certainly struggles with the chorus. However, that could just be because the song is so new. If fans really latch onto it, that may change.

They'll get a chance to hear the full version on the upcoming EP. Bryan is releasing it just in time for his annual Farm Tour. He'll head to eight different shows in rural towns throughout the south. The quick stint goes from Oct. 5 to Oct. 15, before he resumes his massive Kill The Lights Tour.

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See Luke Bryan Perform His Brand New Song, 'Southern Gentleman'