Luke Bryan Pelted by Fans' iPhones on Stage

Performers have had everything from underwear to flowers, to tomatoes and even hamburgers thrown at them on stage. But it seems like the threshold for weird is when fans begin tossing their expensive iPhones at Luke Bryan.

Bryan was performing in Virginia Beach when the scene unfurled. In between songs during a particular set, he decided to get interactive with his fans. And as those fans know, it isn't uncommon for a Luke Bryan concert to have a bit of fan phone involvement somewhere.

He decided to get into his usual antics with a fan at the show. Reaching forward from the stage, Luke grabs the fan's phone from them and begins eagerly reading their text messages as he does. It's while he's doing that that several other fans become jealous.

The end result? Pelting their favorite country singer with their expensive smartphones, apparently.

If they were hoping this would get Luke Bryan to read their texts, they were dead wrong. Instead, the best that the singer offered them were subtle burns while he took the situation in stride.

"They are weapons, you assholes," Bryan cracked shortly before returning to his music. He was able to get fans unified again with "Crash My Party."

All the while, a stagehand came on stage to collect the thrown phones from off of the stage. Those rowdy fans who thought it was a good idea to toss them may very well be out of a phone.

Luke Bryan's Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour is almost coming to an end. He'll be hitting Texas, California, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona before closing the book on it.

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