Luke Bryan’s New Single ‘Move’ Will Make You Dance

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Luke Bryan is following up his chart topper “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” with a dancefloor-ready new single.

In “Move,” Bryan sings about falling in love with a Yankee girl. After moving to his hometown, she discovers her true southern side and hooks Bryan with her charm and irresistible dance moves. Overall, the track has the sound and lyrics we have come to expect from Luke over the years. He definitely shows off his fun-loving, country side with this one.

“Move” is the 7th track on Bryan’s newest album, Kill the Lights. The star is currently touring the country in support of his latest releases. Fans who are itching to see his dance moves in person can catch him before he wraps up the tour on Oct. 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Thanks to his new album and dozens of sold out shows, Bryan has plenty to celebrate right now. One of those exciting milestones was his recent 40th birthday celebration, which he celebrated on-stage his with his family and a giant cake.

As fun as this celebration was, we imagine Luke will have one more thing to celebrate when “Move” becomes his next number one hit.

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Luke Bryan’s New Single ‘Move’ Will Make You Dance