Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean
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Luke Bryan Discusses His Heartbreaking Call with Jason Aldean After Shooting

Newly-announced American Idol judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry spoke with Good Morning America about the Las Vegas shooting. In the interview, Bryan talked about speaking with Jason Aldean the morning after the incident.

"I talked to Jason Aldean very early that morning," Bryan says. "And hearing one of your very best friends shaken up like that, knowing they'll never be able to unsee these things. You get lumps and you get nauseated."

Richie mentions that he also knows Aldean personally. And more importantly, all three know what it means to be an entertainer.

"As entertainers, you look at your fans," Bryan says. "And you're not up there to do anything but connect with them. It's a country music festival, but it's America. You heard about it at the Ariana Grande concert and now here it is in front of us. It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life."

Bryan seems visibly flustered, noting there has to be something America can do. He mentions mental health and "all of the issues" that cause gun violence.

Perry then joins in and adds that America needs to take an "unfortunate, good hard look at what are rules and boundaries are with gun reform."

"Prayer without action is powerless," Perry adds. "I get really sick to my stomach seeing everyone send their condolences and then going back to selfie-ing. That is not enough."

Luke Bryan is one of hundreds of music stars speaking out about the violent attack that killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 more. Some country stars immediately contributed money to help the victims. Others posted videos and tributes, while some took to social media to renounce former pro-gun stances. Rosanne Cash authored a powerful op-ed asking country stars to stand up to gun lobby groups.


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