Luke Bryan Invites Fan On Stage to Drink a Beer for Her 21st Birthday

The country crooner pulled a fan on stage to share a birthday beer, but not without checking her ID first. 

You surely remember the sweet satisfaction of sipping your first beer at 21. You waited until 21, right? Well, one Luke Byran fan at a Feb. 12 show in Louisville, Kentucky recently got to enjoy a birthday beer she'll never forget, though, I doubt it was her first one of the day.

As Bryan was introducing fellow singer Randy Houser, he spotted the newly 21-year-old fan near the stage holding up a message: "Let me drink a beer on stage with you. It's my 21st birthday." Bryan read the message aloud and then pulled her up. Of course, he had to check her ID first. "You gonna have my ass goin' to jail tonight, you know that?" Bryan joked as he waited for the girl's friends to find her ID and pass it on stage.

After signing a CD and singing an Elvis-inspired version of "Happy Birthday," Bryan and the youngster cracked open a couple beers in front of the crowd of thousands. Then it was time for her to go. C'mon now! Man's got a show to do.

Bryan also gave a shout out to the film American Sniper and said, "If you don't like that movie, you can kiss all of our ass. That's what I'm saying" You may recall earlier this month when country singer Craig Morgan took actor Seth Rogan to task over his comments about the film.


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Luke Bryan Invites Fan On Stage to Drink a Beer for Her 21st Birthday