Luke Bryan Plays on After Suffering Injury in Biking Accident

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Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour concert in Greenback, Tenn. went off without a hitch on Thursday, despite the country singer suffering a broken clavicle in a biking accident earlier the same day.

According to ABC6, Bryan was riding his bike earlier that afternoon near Maple Lane Farms when he fell, breaking his clavicle. He was immediately treated at nearby Blount Memorial Hospital.

Thankfully, Luke Bryan is a professional at recovering after falls. Hours later, Bryan took to Twitter, assuring his fans the show would go on.

This is the third year Bryan is taking the stage at Maple Lane Farms for his annual Farm Tour. He live-streamed part of the event on Facebook. He isn’t wearing a sling in the video, but he is holding his arm close to his side.

During his performance, Bryan paid tribute to the original owner of the farm, Robert Schmidt, who passed away earlier this year. In his honor, Bryan sang one of his newest tracks, “Here’s To The Farmer.” It was a fitting choice, as the filming of the music video for the song took place at Maple Land Farms.

When the song was over, he then asked the 16,000 people in attendance for a moment of silence before leading into his final song of the night, “Southern Gentleman.”

Luke Bryan’s 2016 Farm Tour continues Friday, Oct. 7 at Highland Farms in Elizabeth, Ky. and Oct. 8 at Spangler Farms in Monroeville, Ind. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates via his official website.

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Luke Bryan Plays on After Suffering Injury in Biking Accident