Luke Bryan Drunkenly Storms out of Attempted Prank

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Luke Bryan had no time for two pranksters who tried to poke fun at him during a spring break performance in Florida.

YouTube comedians Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady appeared on this week’s episode of “Allegedly,” a podcast where guests retell shocking and hilarious encounters with celebrities. During their interview, the duo described Bryan’s shocking reaction to a prank they pulled on him before a performance in Panama City.

Atwood and Roady were hired by Bryan’s label, Capitol Nashville, to fly down to the Florida beach town in order to prank the star.

“He was doing a meet and greet with the sorority girls, hundreds of girls,” Roady explained. “We were playing two guys in the sorority so excited to meet Luke Bryan.”

Click below to hear Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady describe in detail their surprising encounter with Luke Bryan.

The duo claim that the 39-year-old was severely intoxicated when he entered the private meet-and-greet. “He was wasted. He was plowed. So I just start naming off everybody else’s music. I was like ‘Dude, your song ‘Thunder Rolls’ blew my mind. I still listen to it to this day!’”

After throwing out a series of rather crude jokes at the country star, Bryan allegedly became angry and walked out of the room.

“He was so confused, and then the alcohol made him angry,” Atwood claims. “Ten minutes after the interview we had with him, he had to come out and perform on stage.”

So far, Bryan’s representatives have not commented on the incident.

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Luke Bryan Drunkenly Storms out of Attempted Prank