Luke Bryan Calls Bro-Country ‘Degrading’

In a new interview, Luke Bryan revealed his true feelings on being labeled as a “bro-country” artist.

During a revealing phone call with, Bryan admitted he isn’t a fan of people using the now-popular term. “I take a little offense,” Bryan explained. “I feel the initial term ‘bro-country’ was created to be kind of a little degrading to what’s popular, to what country artists are doing right now.”

“It’s frustrating because whichever artists may or may not get labeled as that, they’re well beyond that,” he continued. “For people to call me the father of it, well, whatever. It just seems like a term that was invented to cheapen me as an artist.”

What concerns him the most about the term is the negative connotations and stereotypes that are assumed about those who listen to his music. “My fans are there because my version of music is what they love, and that’s what I’m all about,” Bryan said. “When people say ‘Luke Bryan fans are nothing but beer drinkers,’ that makes me mad because I know they’re more than that. They are the people who make this country go round and round.”

Bryan is currently on his Kick The Dust Up tour, which runs through Oct. 30. You can find a full list of upcoming tour dates at his official website.

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Luke Bryan Calls Bro-Country ‘Degrading’