Like Father Like Son: Luke Bryan's Son Shows Off His Epic Dance Moves

As preparations are in order for Luke Bryan's niece's wedding, the final touches are taking place and we get to see a sneak peek of them. This includes the preparation for the epic dance moves involved. Bryan's wife, Caroline Bryan, has been documenting the buildup to Jordan Cheshire's big day, showing us all the fun and crazy moments the family is sharing. One of these includes her sons Tate and Bo getting their final tux fitting. Thirteen-year-old Bo is certainly feeling his outfit after his mom filmed him showing some dance moves on Instagram.

As he's all smiles, the hilarious video shows the boy begins to shake his hips just like his country superstar father. It's a mini Luke indeed, ready to kick the dust up. Sharing the video on Instagram, Caroline wrote, "Luke Part II Just like his Dad. Good Lord, please help me."

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As far as Tate, he wasn't as enthusiastic as his older brother, seeming as if he was already partied out and wanted a nap. But hey, naps are life. In the comments, Caroline wrote, "Tate is like me ... he just wants to sit down and have a snack."

The country singer and Caroline's niece and her fiance, Clint, got engaged back on December 23, 2020, and are expected to say "I do" this coming weekend. Jordan and her two siblings, Tilden and Kris, lost both of their parents, mom Kelly in 2017 and Dad Lee in 2014. After their death, the country superstar and his wife stepped up by giving the siblings a home, making them an integral role in their lives. Speaking with Taste of Country, Brian noted that all of the 3 kids found several ways to honor their parents throughout the years that they have been gone.

Luke and Caroline have been together for more than two decades and have stayed strong thanks to their shared values and solid foundation. The couple met at a bar called Dingus Magee's in Statesboro, George. Bryan stated, "We dated in college and then we broke up for like five-and-a-half years and got back together... and we've been depending on each other ever since."

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Like Father Like Son: Luke Bryan's Son Shows Off His Epic Dance Moves