Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon
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Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon Join Forces for Hilarious 'I Don't Know How to Pronounce Gyro' Video

They say country music is all about real people with real problems, and Jimmy Fallon and Luke Bryan just proved it perfectly. Because it doesn't matter what corner of the country you come from, we've all struggled with the subject matter of their hot new single.

Put simply, "I Don't Know How to Pronounce Gyro" is the people's anthem.

The whole thing kicks off when Jimmy and Luke get a hankering for some lunch. They see a street vendor selling delicious mediterranean food, so Jimmy opts for the falafel. Then Luke wants to get in on the action, too. But alas, Luke has a secret that keeps him from getting what he really wants.

Together, Jimmy and Luke tackle the issue through the majesty of song. Luke reveals the fear of letting his daddy down because he can't pronounce the word "gyro." Which, as Jimmy points out, is really just "lamb meat and other stuff rolled up in a pita."

But we can't just call it that. "Is it gee-ro, jyro, here-o or yai-ro?" they wonder in the chorus. "Never been filled with so much doubt."

Thankfully, a hero (pun intended) street corner chef helps them out.

The funniest part of the whole song is that most of us probably wondered how to say "gyro." And, no lies, I've been saying it wrong this whole time. (I still can't believe it's not pronounced like "hero").

But as the two sing, "The truth is so delicious to find."

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So do Jimmy Fallon and Luke Bryan have what it takes to be the next big country duo? Well, we feel comfortable saying at least one of them has a good shot at a solo career. And as long as Fallon keeps it silly, he'll be just fine in his musical ventures too.

Anyways, we're hungry. Anybody up for some mediterranean food?

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